What You Need to Know

Welcome to the J-24 Nationals!  To help us prepare for the event, please let us know the date and approximate time of your arrival at MBBC.  We have limited space at the club and this will help us make your launching go faster and more smoothly.
Reminder - Pre-register in advance - to make your registration go faster and easier - email copies of your measurement certificate including your list of required and optional equipment, your proof of insurance, and your Covid vaccine cards to J24nationals@mbbc-vt.org.

1) - When you arrive at MBBC, you must be ready to launch. There will be no on-land setup at MBBC. If you need to remove covers, install rudder, clean the bottom, and prepare your mast for stepping, there is a large parking area at the Vermont Fishing Access located a short distance west of the Malletts Bay Boat Club on the right.  Please go there first, get your boat ready to launch and when you are ready, head back to MBBC.  Have your lifting sling, fenders, and dock lines ready.  
Do NOT leave your boat overnight at the Fishing Access.
2)  When you arrive at MBBC, stay slightly to the right as you enter the club grounds and you will enter a "traffic circle".   You will be met by a greeter who will usher you into the circle where your bow numbers will get installed on the boat, your trailer will get tagged, and you'll  tag your sail bags and drop them off for measurement.  You'll be given your registration packet and mooring assignment at this time.  You will move through the circle and then back down the hill to the hoist and you'll get launched as quickly as possible.
3) Once in the water you'll move over to the main dock where we'll have a few Gin poles available for mast stepping.  Once the mast is up, you'll head out to your mooring.  Launch service is available on channel 12.  Hail "MBBC Launch" with your mooring number for pick- ups. You should be able to pick up your sails before the boat leaves the dock.  We have room for 5-6 boats on the main dock at any given time, so you may be asked to complete your rig tuning on your mooring, depending on how crowded it is at that time.
4) As soon as the boat is launched, one of your team members will need to drive your trailer to the parking area.  Trailers will be stored at Hazelett Strip Casting located on the opposite side of the road East of MBBC (1/4 mile). There will be a J24 sign at the driveway. Trailer storage will be designated by your Bow Number.
5) Parking - After dropping off the trailer, you'll come back to the club and turn hard right after entering and park to the right.  In your packet will be a parking pass - one pass per boat - to park on club grounds during the regatta.  Your parking pass must be displayed on the dashboard at all times. Other parking is off site across from the Fishing Access and there will be a J-24 sign in the driveway. 
6) Moorings - Moorings are included in the entry fee and are provided by MBBC.  In nearly all cases, boats will be required to raft up, two per mooring.  Bring extra fenders and dock lines. The anchorage area at MBBC is very protected and the moorings are very secure.  In your registration packet you will have your mooring assignment and mooring instructions.
7) Docking during the event.  You may come into the dock in the morning before sailing or after sailing for a "fly by" to pick up or drop off crew members.  The only other docking will be for repairs which will require permission from the event chairman - Text Mark Gardner at 802.318.6479.
8) Haul out - Haul out order is based on bow numbers (order of registration). Even bow numbers will be hauled at MBBC using our hoist, and odd bow numbers will be hauled at the Moorings Marina by travel lift.  Masts must be un-stepped before hauling.  We will provide a gin pole at each haul-out location, though you may use your own gin pole.  Once your mast is down, one team member should get your tow vehicle, pick up your trailer, and wait at the trailer parking lot until you are notified when to go to the marina or club.  As soon as the boat is out and secured to the trailer, you'll need to bring the boat/trailer back to the trailer parking area to put on any covers or any other travel prep.  The Fishing Access area is not available for that on Sunday.   If everyone cooperates, haul-out will be very fast and efficient.  There is only room for two trailers at a time in the Moorings haulout area and four trailers at a time at MBBC, so you will need to move back to the trailer parking area quickly.  You may leave your boat at Hazelett's and head back to the club for awards/socializing. 
9) Other local services:  Between MBBC and the Fishing access is Ace/Lakeshore hardware store - they have lots of marine supplies in addition to your basic hardware store supplies.  Mazza's General store is next to the hardware store and adjacent to the parking area, they sell beer drinks, food, and are a VT State Liquor store.  Dick Mazza owns the parking area next door so be sure to thank them.  Across the street from Mazza's is a bank with an ATM, a car parts store, a pizza place, a bicycle repair shop and fuel pumps.  Premium fuel at those pumps are non-ethanol for sailboat motors.

Questions:  Mark Gardner  Text or Call: 802.318.6479