What You Need to Know


MBBC has a 3 ton hoist. We will offer early launching on Wednesday with Thursday reserved for launching/registration/sail measurement and an evening practice race. One parking pass per boat for onsite parking. All others will park off site (less than 5 minute walk to MBBC).

When you arrive you must be ready to be launched, masts will be stepped on the water. There will be limited on-land setup at MBBC. We are arranging for an area close by for those competitors who need to work on their boats before launching. We will have a power washer at the hoist to help get the grime off the the bottom before you launch. You will arrive at the front door where we will install your bow numbers, give you sail measurement/crew name-weigh-in sheets as well as your mooring assignment. Sails will be dropped off for measurement. You will proceed down the driveway to be launched.  Stepping masts with gin poles on the finger docks. Once the mast up is you will proceed to your mooring.

Haul out order will be by bow number determined by when you register. Some boats boats will be hauled at a local Marina to speed up haul-out.

On the water Staging:

Competitors will raise masts on the main dock once they have launched. We have 4-5 dock spots, depending on the water level.  Our tides, so to speak, are high in the spring and low in mid-summer.  Depending on the demand, competitors may be asked to move to their assigned mooring to finish tuning.

Moorings are included in the entry fee and are available at the Malletts Bay Boat Club. Competitors are advised to bring enough dock lines and fenders and may be required to raft.